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Episode 3

What Is This Again?

S1: E1 Bonus | What Is This Again?


Kelly answers listeners' questions on what is coming up on future episodes, how they can help and gives a big shout out.

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[00:34-What's Coming Up]

[02:01-How You Can Help]

[02:44-What Is This Show About?]

[03:53-Thank you & Shout Out]


Key Takeaways

*This show is organized chaos

*Casual interviews with insight

*Collaborations and audience participation welcome: be a patron

*Smiles are contagious

*Thanks for your support

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Next Time...

I will be laying out my views on Cancel Culture for Politico and What The F was that week! 

About the Podcast

Talking out the madness in my head-it escalates quickly.

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Kelly Mitchell

Published Author | Book Reviewer | Podcaster | Blogger
Serial Entrepreneur | Casual Gamer | Rebel with a Cause

I am the product of a disco bunny mom and a rocker biker dad from a small town in Nebraska and a survivor of extreme culture shock after moving to Las Vegas. Things are open past 10 pm and they sell beer on Sundays - it was emotional. The duality of disco/rock and country/city lifestyles gives me a unique perspective of the world--and a broad sense of humor about what I see in it.

I earned an Associate in Paralegal Studies and Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice with emphasis on serial killers and sexual predators (a catch ‘em or be one ultimatum)--but never entered either field (educational carnage). Instead, my entrepreneurial spirit seized the opportunity of starting a collection business specializing in HOA Collections. For those that don't know, HOAs (homeowner's associations) is infested with daily drama, corruption, and controversy--I loved it. This, my friends should have been a reality show.

The experience exposed me to people from all walks of life and fed my dark sense of humor and curious nature. I excelled in communication and storytelling that entertained the diverse population. I flipped the script to become a full-time author. My experience guides me to write satirical nonfiction invoking thoughtful debate and laughter.

Writing is a slow bit of business when you have opinions on current events--and I’m full of opinions as a strong-willed woman. I turned to podcasting as the ideal medium to entertain others and get the loud madness out of my head and into the world. If you do what you love, it's not a job, it's a dream-and here I am killing it.

If you enjoy my work--or don't, I’m happy to field questions and debate topics. You may always find me lurking at Starbucks or at